Not possible to download all animations


(Demolitor) #1

It is never possible to have all animations in the downloaded zip.
I have downloaded a lot of models and all of those models contained only 1 animation.
For example,
I downloaded it, imported into unreal engine, and there is only static pose, no animations.
Another examples are posed models that also offer t-pose pose. There is never tpose in them, there is only 1 file with posed animation. Why does sketchfab eats the animations?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @demolitor,

Which importer plugin are you using to import glTF files into UE4 ?

Could you test these models on ? (you simply need to download the glTF .zip file and drag’n drop it on the page to load the model)
On the right, under “Animation” dropdown, you should see the list of the animations included in the model.

If you see any animation available on Sketchfab but not listed by the web viewer, it will mean that there is an issue in the glTF export.
If not, it means that the issue comes from the UE4 glTF importer.

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