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Not receiving notifications and followers not displayed

(Msgdi) #1


I seem to have two problems:

  1. I don’t receive email notifications (they are all set to “on”, they don’t go to my spam folder). I received them a few days ago but then they suddenly stopped.

  2. My followers are not diplayed properly. On my profile it says I have 7 followers, yet only 5 are displayed. I guess there is no such thing as “invisible followers”?

Thx for the help.

PS: I’m using win7 and firefox



Sorry for the delay. Are you still experiencing these issues? The follower list may have just been a temporary cache issue.

(Msgdi) #3

No, its’s still the same, only showing 5 followers, not receiving notifications via mail.


Hmm, on my end it says 8 and shows 8:

Do you have another email address you could switch to just to test? Maybe there’s an issue with your email provider.

(Msgdi) #5

I gained one follower today, now it shows 6 followers, 2 still missing. This is how it looks on my end.

(Nomadking) #6

@james I see only 6 on his profile as well, despite it saying 8 - skotapati and DESTROYr are missing. Interestingly a search for those users doesn’t find them either, even though I can go to their profiles by manually typing the URL :male_detective:


Hmm ok. Those two users have not confirmed their email addresses, so they are “limited” and follows are silent. This is a bit fishy though, we’re digging.