Not same background color when using screenshot API


I am using the screenshot API to create a screenshot of my 3D object.

I am using this code and everything works fine but the screenshot does not have the same background color as my iFrame:

api.getScreenShot('image/jpeg', function (err, result) {
      var img = document.createElement("img");
      img.src = result;

In the Sketchfab 3D settings editor I have set a background color but it doesn’t go to the screenshot. Can someone help me?

Hi, I found out how to change this background.

I used this:

color: [0, 110, 183, 1]
}, function (coord) {
  console.log("background changed");

It changes the color but not to the right color. How is this possible?


It would help a lot if you could you provide model URL, or even better a jsfidlle or codepen small repro case ?
(like getting directly what exact color you wish versus what you get, what was model background, etc and if need be testing bugfix against the test case)


Here is a link to the object:
The RGB code I used gives some kind of CYAN color as background?
You can inspect the sources (index.js) in the inspector.

You found a solution?

Didn’t have time to check yet, just time to look at website and see that it will take time.
As I have to find how the website works (how to take screenshot), find/dig code, etc, much more time than a simple 100 lines repro case.