Not shown all materials

(Victorgarcia) #1

Hi all
I'm having problems exporting my 3d from revit. I tryed in fbx format and no problem, but just the textures are not shown. Also I exported it in .dae format and just a two materials were shown, others are invisible just shown in wireframe mode.
Any better idea for exportin textures from revit


I think Autodesk must try very hard to prevent users from converting and sharing models between software/formats.

As far as I know, Revit offers no options when exporting FBX to include material definitions and embed textures. So, everything gets merged into a single mesh/material and textures are lost.

For the DAE, I have no idea why, but all your materials were imported as 100% transparent:

Unfortunately, no texture / UV mapping data was preserved in the DAE, so you can't even apply textures manually:

Maybe you can export from Revit to other Autodesk software (3ds Max or Maya) that has better texture/material control?

(Adeboye Grillo) #3

I'm not very familiar with revit though but I think it is possible to update the fbx exporter plugin so that you can have its latest features. If this is not possible, your best bet may be to export using 3ds max. I have no problems using the 3ds max fbx exporter (the 2013 version is better than the 2010 version of the fbx)