Not sure which direction it will take me

I’m not an artist, never studied art, I started creating only now when I retired and have plenty of time and energy (and probably technical skills).

My experience with 3d is quite long but varies. I started from printing simple objects or creating my own, mainly as useful objects.

In parallel I started looking for ways to express concepts.

So as an example which might explain what I am looking for (not sure I know)

  1. I participated in a series of demonstrations in Israel against the government when I took this picture , and when I realized that we are facing each other full of hatred and yet we are the same people

  2. I later created this work, CNC machine on wood and laser engraving

  3. Later I created this piece where I used multiple 3d figures but still felt very limited

  4. I even used photogrammetric SW (Agisoft) to create digital object

  5. but now I want to go step further and create it all from digital objects, on the cloud, it opens new direction like links to other entities of media and more.

So here is my question to those who read, are there any platforms where people share works and ideas mainly on conceptual or even artistic aspects and less on the technical side of the work?

Hi there :slight_smile:
I just red your post and now i am attempted to answer. Well at least i try to.
The places where i geht my inspriration is or
But i don’t realy know if this is the right answer to what you are looking for.

What do you mean by “less on the technical side of the work”?