Nudity in Cultural Heritage

I am opening this post because this morning I received 2 emails from the sketchfab community regarding the deletion of two models that do not comply with the current terms and conditions. It is a stone sculpture of a nude boy and a bronze sculpture of three nude singing boys. These and other artworks are part of the official list of public art of Vienna and are also published on Wikipedia. The reasons for the cancellation were: we do not permit depictions of nude children on Sketchfab.

I understand the problem, but a sculpture, statuette or other cultural heritage stuff should not be equated with pornographic, dehumanising, threatening, harassing, defamatory, hateful, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic or illegal.

This is my opinion, if the Sketchfab team has a different opinion, this rule should be written down in plain text. There are a lot of world-famous sculptures which include nude children or youngsters. Nearly every cupid is nude. Lot of fountains (eg. Mannekin) contains nude children.

A clear rule would help to avoid misunderstandings.

Next problem: I have also been informed that I have received two strikes. With a third one my account will be terminated. I have already some more models where nude children are a part of it. Even the roman artefacts has some nudity. If i get another report of a user, all my 1300+ models are offline?

I am not sure if the emails I got where written by a human or this was an automatically generated text, but the announcement of a lockout without consideration for the user is not very nice.

I hope we can find an agreement that everyone is happy with.

Best regards, Harald

Thanks for the feedback - I have just emailed you about this situation.