Nvidia RTX support

(Gabrielefx) #1

Probably it’s an impossible request.
I don’t know if your engine uses Vulkan api, WebGL is the past.
Reatime raytracing now is possible and we need this feature…:slight_smile:

for your knowledge:



(Bart) #2

This is such a young technology that it’s not on our roadmap yet.

(Shaderbytes) #3

Im not sure if that statement takes the nature of sketchfab being a browser solution and multiple platforms ( like apple) into account. It might be the future one day but it is not the web norm yet by any means :wink:

And yeah RTX was just announced a week ago or so officially so it is very emerging. Im sure the devs will play with it as time moves forward. I would like to get a 20 series card - when the prices settles after launch etc…

(Mark Laurence) #4

Real time RayTracing Yum!
Just have to stick with MentalRay or V-ray render if using raytracing for now.

(David Relativitytheory) #5

I saw this post on Google and I had to reply, because there’s a neat learning opportunity here. While bartv mentioned that the technology isn’t on their roadmap, I wanted to add that isn’t possible for them to add this technology, at least not yet. Probably not for a while. Each technology, like sketchfab, is dependent upon other technologies in order to progress. This is a critical part of what is known as a technology ‘stack’.

In this case, Google/Microsoft/NVIDIA would have to add support for DirectX 12 WITH ray tracing to ANGLE (The backbone of WebGL). Then, the Khronos Group would have to implement this new technology in a future spec of WebGL, a kind of WebGL Next 2.0 (And there is no Vulcan, WebGL Is the only game in town for plugin-free web 3D right now).Then, after testing and ensuring this version of WebGL is web safe and bug free, coders can start to implement the spec in their code. If sketch-fab depends upon some other code, like, say, THREE.JS, those coders, mostly open source volunteers, would have to update their code to use the new WebGL standard. Once their ‘stack’ is updated like this, only then can Sketchfab move to implement a feature like RTX. Once started, this process is likely to take years from start to finish. Maybe as long as half a decade :cold_sweat:.

So far, it appears that ANGLE does not yet have a Direct X12 addition on their roadmap. So us poor web developers, including Sketchfab, are out of luck :frowning:. I’m sure their developers would love to play with the task of implementing a new ray tracing engine, but it just isn’t possible yet. They could do a non-rtx engine, but that would probably be slow and grainy. Like 1 frame per minute kinda thing. But at that point, you might as well just render it on Blender and upload a movie. It would also be a lotta work with very little reward :blush:.

(Aleahy) #6

As you’d expect there is activity in the browser dev space in this regard…
Search for ‘gpuweb’ or ‘webgpu’ and projects like ‘Chrome NXT’ and ‘Mozilla Obsidian’. But yeah… don’t expect anything tomorrow.