NYC Museum MediaLab Meetup is looking for an organizer

(Bart) #1

Hey all,

we received the following message from Don Undeen, who is the founder of the popular NYC Museum MediaLab Meetup. Don is stepping down and is looking for someone to continue running this group.

Is anyone on this forum interested in talking to Don? We'd be happy to sponsor the group's membership fee.

Hi all NYC MMLM Members!

As most of you know, I've recently moved from NYC to DC, and will no longer be running the NYC Museum MediaLab Meetup.

It's been an amazing 3 years; co-running this group (with Jonathan and DD, and everyone who pitched in along the way) has been a highlight of my career.

Now that I'm no longer living in NYC, it's time for the group to decide its future. I'm happy to help in any way, but the decision needs to come from the group's membership. Maybe another museum staff wants to take it over? Maybe a tech company wants to get more involved? Form a committee of active members?

You all should know that itself is a fan of the group, so we can probably reach out to them for assistance in making a transition if need be.

In any case, eventually I'll need to officially step down as organizer, to avoid the monthly fees on my credit card. At that point, the group will need an official, active organizer willing to take on the expense (it's less than $20/month).

Thanks to you all, and please let me know if there's any way I can help in the transition!

Don Undeen