OAuth2 unauthorized_client

When I follow the guide here:

I keep getting error=unauthorized_client

What am I doing wrong?

Hey there !

Sorry that you’re experiencing issues — rest assured that we’ll make it through as others have before.

Could you share the code that you’re using ? First thing to check is whether there could by a syntax error somewhere in the strings you manipulate. This happens often as this process is not very fault tolerant.


Hi, thanks for responding,

I basically just put in the client_id and the redirect_uri in here:


and I get back [REDIRECT_URI]?error=unauthorized_client.

The same happens when I do:


and even if I just use the less secure method:


I can not get past the first step in order to get the token. Even when I try to directly get the token with the email/password, it does not work.

It is very simple code, I do not think it is a code problem.

Indeed, something basic must be missing. How did you get your client ID ? cc @james might be able to help here as well.

Actually I got the client_id from another user who registered the app, I am using his client_id and his account to sign in though, so it should work? Except if I am missing something.

I tried to register my own application and I got a client_id that works. I could obtain the auth token to get the access token. Thanks for the help anyway.