OBJ - Lines, Solids & Points?

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I’m having some issues with uploading OBJ files and it retaining/displaying all the information. I’m trying to upload a file that has a mix of solid geometry, lines and points. See image below:

  1. is this possible with and OBJ?
    Lines and solids
    Upload PointCloud and OBJ files together

It seems possible from past forum post and this example below which is an OBJ?

  1. Is another format recommended?
    This looks like it is a WRL or ive used DXF for lines.
    Gruta Martimiano - 3D model by Rolling Drone Geotecnologias (@rollingdrone) [d55fc39] - Sketchfab

  2. I’m using Rhino 5. When I load the exported OBJ into a new Rhino file, all the elements are there. These are the export settings possible.


  • I’ve managed to upload models which only point’s as OBJ
  • I’ve managed to upload which are lines as DXF
  • I could pipe the lines bit seems like a compromise…
  • I’m less fussed about keeping the points (although useful for future work) - I would prefer a model of lines and surfaces as per this example:
    Breadcrumbs Only - 3D model by jonnyqb (@jonnyqb) [1b4b18f] - Sketchfab

See wetrasnfer link to Rhino File & Exported OBJ

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Hi @pollocb,

Points, lines and surfaces can be stored alltogether in OBJ.
I did a quick test to validate that it works as expected, the model is downloadable so that you can get it and see how the source is made.

Your issue seems to be on Rhino’s side, where you have two export options for Save objects as where each one gives a part of the result you try to reach.

NURBS objects

Rhino curves and surfaces export as NURBS curves and surfaces.

Polygon mesh objects

Surfaces are approximated with polygon mesh objects. In the Create mesh from NURBS object dialog box, set the way Rhino creates a polygon mesh from the NURBS geometry. Curves do not export.

See https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/fileio/wavefront_obj_import_export.htm

As a result, you get only curves with NURBS, and only faces with Polygon, but not all of them together.
You might want to check FBX or other formats to be able to export both