Object (mesh) looks different when uploaded

(Kalnzb) #1

Hi there.

I`m a bit confused why my mesh is interpreted differently when uploaded comparing what I can see in Blender?
What are these edges? Thanks.

(Elbriga) #2

This is because the mesh is triangulated when exported; alot of your faces are Ngons (faces with more than 4 vertices) and they're not flat but distorted (expecially at the bottom of the mesh)
You can preview this effect with the "triangulate" modifier in blender
It's recommended to stick to quads when modelling, as it avoids these topology problems.

(Simon Kratz) #3

It's exacly the way Elbriga says. You should stick with quads to avoid shading issues after the export.
You can still try to minimize the effects of triangulation by setting specific shading groups, thus splitting and merging edges to get normal interpolation where it makes sense.
In Blender you do this by setting your model shading to smooth and using an Edge Split modifier with a good treshold. Or alternatively, splitting edges manually.

(Kalnzb) #4

Thank you very much for the answers provided and a valuable explanation which gives me a light in my learning process. Thanks again :slight_smile: