Object translation Interactivity

Hi folks.
I have a request which I think would be a great addition to SF.
I have a client who build and design exhibitions and I am trying to get them to use something like SF so they can show their 3D plans to their client. The only sticking point is, is that the client needs to have the ability to move things around. So having the ability to have simple translate and rotate for the display areas would be a superb feature for us.

So how difficult is it to implement translation and rotate to specified objects?

Many thanks


There is basic translation and rotation functionality in our Viewer API, but it’s undocumented and not well tested.

We are, however, looking for some beta testers. If you’re interested in trying it out, could you shoot me an email and tell us more about your use-case? support@sketchfab.com


Hi James this sounds very exciting.
So basically I’m a freelancer who has a client who design and build exhibition stands.
We recently had a remote desktop meeting from UK to Japan and couldn’t get the connection going. The purpose of the meeting was for the client to re arrange items of the stand while I translate the items in Maya via RDT.

This would be so much easier if they could simply view the exhibition using SF and translate the items themselves.
I would then use this as a markup and transfer the new layout back into Maya for final rendering.

I would be happy to beta test, to see if this would be suitable workflow.

Stephen Hibberd

Great, I’ll send you a PM with details.


I am an exhibition designer, and like to beta test anything that helps with client input.
Moving product around the stand, or rearranging furniture, logos, etc.