Object uploaded without colours

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I had uploaded a object made in 3ds max, but when I uploaded all colours/materials had disappear. How to upload the object with all the colours/materials?


Have you tried the 3ds Max exporter? https://sketchfab.com/exporters/3dsmax

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Yes, I made with that and I saw the video tutorial.


How does it look if you export FBX or OBJ and upload it manually?

Could you send me the file?

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I had export with 3ds max exporter and the object was without colour. I try again but manually and was the same. How can I send the file?


You an email it to me: support@sketchfab.com

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I sent the files in rar and with wetransfer.


Thanks. I think it's an issue with the special character in the file name. Can you re-save it in 3ds Max without the "ã". Here's my version of it where I fixed the file names and file references.

Brasao VLC Demo2 rename by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

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Thanks, but there's some error colours like the black at the top. I will try to make a new publish.