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Obssesed and mad scientist playing God. (Disclaimer: Bad grammar may be included, english is not my native language) [Done]


(Edvin Borkovskij) #1

Hello everyone! I joined the sketchfab community yeasterday. And a friend encouraged me to participate.
I,m still a rookie on 3D animating and modeling, so there bound to be flawsand mistakes, pls tell me about them. I really need some pointers and some tips would be nice. :smiley:

My model is about a stubborn scientist bent on playing God and creating new life of his own. As expected these kind of experiments always backfire. His own creation turned against him.

(Theedstar1) #2

HO HO HOOOOOOOOOOO this is looking super interesting plus the backstory is compeling can't my eyes will be fixed on this one i tell you

(Theedstar1) #3

ps im a ROOKIE too (hides face)

(Edvin Borkovskij) #4

Yay! (hive through the screen).

(Edvin Borkovskij) #6

I'm still working on the monster, but the bump maps screwed everything up. But i'm still on track. Btw it look below averege. :smile:

(Theedstar1) #7

HA HA HA HA ROOKIE HIGH FIVE BACK AT YA and it doesn't matter coz as long as the mesh isn't messed up life is still great besides if you fink that your work is below average then hell I'm below average too rookie power !

(Edvin Borkovskij) #8

Thanks! Rookies Unite! I'll still try my best no matter what! :smiley:

(Bart) #9

Welcome on board! Don't forget to subscribe to the contest updates thread to receive a notification when we have news to share.

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(Edvin Borkovskij) #11

Here's the Green Abomination named Gary. As I said below average it's just simplistic design. :smiley:

(Edvin Borkovskij) #12

The name is not very original and the monster is too simple :smiley:
But it looks decent enough for me.

(Theedstar1) #13

Well hello there GARY! Pleased to meet you ha ha ha ha ha

(Edvin Borkovskij) #14

little green slime named Gary in a testube waved back at you
Dr. Jacob Stein (My mad scientist): This is very intresting, it developed sentient all on it's own. I guess Charles Darwin wasn't wrong after all. I need to run on some tests what coused this evolution.

(Edvin Borkovskij) #15

So here is Dr. Jacob Stein! Incomplete

(Edvin Borkovskij) #16

So here's the complete Dr, Jacob Stein, laydies and gentlemen. :smiley:

(Edvin Borkovskij) #17

Dr. Jacob Stein #MadScientist Contest by Edvin Borkovskij on Sketchfab

(Edvin Borkovskij) #18

!UPDATE! The Containment Capsule

(Edvin Borkovskij) #19

So here is the Birth Chamber.

Garrys birth chamber by Edvin Borkovskij on Sketchfab

(Edvin Borkovskij) #20

Yeah this not very good, but it's something. I guess. :smiley:

(Edvin Borkovskij) #21

!Update! The laboratory, still in progress. :smiley: