Obviously science doesn't have any border

Hi Sketchfab devs @bartv
I am one of the Iranian users that would like to utilize your awesome site as well use my account without any restriction of country region, may you please tell me why you restricted us, why we limited anywhere for this reason that we are living in Iran, the Iranians restrict somewhere by our government somewhere with international rules, what is our guilty.
Please appoint us as a normal country.
Like passed We want to be one part of the science puzzel .
Obviously science doesn’t have any border.
sorry to bother you.
good luck.
thanks a lot.

We are not blocking any countries, perhaps your government or Internet provider has a block in place?


It is so weird, the restriction gone, Maybe my government have seen my post :slight_smile: .
Any way.
I’m grateful for your reply dear @bartv.
Best regards.

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