Ocean creatures bas-Relief WIP


(Veyratom) #1

Hi guys,

I decided to post the evolution of my bas-relief project.
My goal is to make a beautiful sculpted wall mix of ocean animals.

The animals, I chose :

Main bas-relief reference :

Last model WIP screenshots :

I already drew a bas-relief design I like. I will post it later.
And of course, I am open to advices and suggestions.

(Elbriga) #2

Models look spot on, nice reference, it'll be georgous if you can match it!

(Veyratom) #3

Thanks @elbriga ! That's the spirit, I do hope the final model will match the reference.

Octopus WIP :

(Veyratom) #4

I just realize I didn't add much modeling steps for the first four models.
I will put a more detailed workthrough for the last two fishes.

(Veyratom) #5

Gulper Eel :

(Bart) #6

Hey @veyratom, how's this project coming along? Do you have any new updates?

(Veyratom) #7

Hi Bart,
finally got time to work on this one :

The angler fish is here and no deep sea fishes are safe !!
Well, before it can do some mayhem and carnage,
I must fix some volumes, make the teeth and model the fins.

(Johnson Martin) #8

Love the hammerhead and angler fish. What do you plan on texturing with once the modeling is done? I subtle texture like in the reference in your first post would look awesome.

(Veyratom) #9

Thanks @Regus_M !
For the texture, I planned to make a metallic one like the reference.

More progress :

(Saphires) #10

Very interesting collection of species, I like that choice a lot!

(Veyratom) #11

Thanks @saphires ! :slight_smile:

Damn I can't believe, it has been almost a year :confused:
ANyway now it is time to finish it !!

Last render :

All base models are done.
The hammerhead is rigged and textured.
The coelacanth is textured and ready for rigging.

The composition has been slightly changed :

And I planned to finish this project before the end of february.