Ocean Devil By Calfan

“Some where in the Menagerie Coast, three players, Zaheer, Tegwin, and Tsiri, were on their way to a mysterious island with a lighthouse to explore weird sightings from those the group had met at Port Damali. While the three were being given a ride by a middle aged, attractive, greedy exporter, the ship was attack by what appears to be a dragon made of water. Zaheer, Tegwin, and Tsiri will have to give everything they got to defeat the water dragon so they can try and figure out the mysterys of the island with a lighthouse…”

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It’s a nice scene, but the navigation is not great - consider changing the pivot point by double-clicking where it should be and saving your scene :slight_smile:

Hey Bartv!

I’ve tried to change the pivot point before and to get the same camera angle I would need to re-create what I have already, I would need to re-situate the model after defining the new pivot point. I tried this and it seems I can only rotate the model, not move it up or down.

Thanks for the input!