October 10 - Pattern

Welcome to day 10 of our Inktober® 2019 challenge! Just as a reminder: we’ll be posting topics until October 31st. You have until November 1st to complete your entries and enter the raffle to win one of three $100 Amazon vouchers, 3 months of Sketchfab PRO and an Inktober® 2019 T-shirt.

Tag your entry with #3DInktober2019-Pattern and #3DInktober2019, and post it below. Use the #3DInktober2019 hashtag if you want to share your entries on social media.

Read the rules for Sketchfab Inktober® 2019 here.

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Gun Skin
A P-90 style gun with a spatter pattern camo

ArGHh I’m all dizzy! :nauseated_face:

A memory of my year in Japan…The kimono had a lovely pattern and it was really special as it an actual wedding kimono used by one of the families I stayed with…

I remember when I was in Japan the Rotary club held a fancy party and I had the opportunity to wear a real kimono. I went to one of the party guest’s house and she helped put the kimono on me and her husband took various photos of me.

Animated video here!:

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Combined with previous prompt - Swing.

An animation. Sliding and rotating recommended :slight_smile:

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Animated pattern

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No pattern here?

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