October 17 - Ornament

Welcome to day 17 of our Inktober® 2019 challenge! Just as a reminder: we’ll be posting topics until October 31st. You have until November 1st to complete your entries and enter the raffle to win one of three $100 Amazon vouchers, 3 months of Sketchfab PRO and an Inktober® 2019 T-shirt.

Tag your entry with #3DInktober2019-Ornament and #3DInktober2019, and post it below. Use the #3DInktober2019 hashtag if you want to share your entries on social media.

Read the rules for Sketchfab Inktober® 2019 here.

A simple one! The famous tree and ornament from Peanuts… Maybe someone is actually trapped inside…?
This is an animated model with audio!

…Maybe that’s where Santa was during the Charlie Brown Christmas Special?

Animated video here!:

Question for @bartv : Is there a way to scale the model in Sketchfab so that when I zoom in it doesn’t zoom in large increments? This inktober the scene is inside another Ornament…

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Unfortunately no - these steps are defined by the bounding box of your scene. If the scene is huge (like this one), the zoom will be fast…

Party time, the ornament for the party is put on, watch out girls!

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Space ornament grenades

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The coat of arms of the island that saw me born!

Proud of this one :slight_smile:


Cute Santa Ornament
Hang him on your tree and he’ll tell you scary stories.

Combined with next prompt - Misfit

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learned that this challenge has to be in black and white so i’m updating the color pieces i did

Hello everyone! this my submission.