Oculus FOV settings are way off in Firefox for Sketchfab


(Greggman) #1

I’m trying to use Sketchfab VR with Oculus in Firefox 57 on Windows. It works but the FOV is off. Instead of being present it’s like I’m looking through a fish-eye lens. It seems like the FOV settings are just plain wrong.

Trying A-Frame Painter (aframe.io/a-painter/) it works just fine with the correct fov which suggests the issue is with Sketchfab, not Firefox or the Oculus.

Any idea how to fix?

(Stephomi) #2

Edit: Sorry, we indeed apply an additional distortion when we should not, it should be fixed very soon!

(Greggman) #3

Good to know you found the issue.

(Stephomi) #4

The fix should be live.

(Greggman) #5

Yes, it’s working now.

Looking forward to when we can browse and search in VR