Oculus GO - Sketchfab Support HELP - SOLVED!


(Domingos) #25

I’ve found that if you select the “Request Desktop Mode” in the top right-hand corner of the browser window (in the Oculus Go), then the quality is resolved. However, the refresh rate is poor - nowhere near as smooth as the low res version :frowning:
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(Lpdenmark) #26

There is also more problems to viewing Sketchfab on Oculus Go.

The controller doesn´t work.
The size you set with the VR-dude is not displayed correct.
There is black areas in the border of your viewing area.
(seems the app try not to render areas you don´t see,
but you do :slight_smile: Think the Oculus Go have a vider viewing
area than what is rendered.

Hope to see a fix for these artifacts.