Oculus GO - Sketchfab Support HELP

Just attempted to use sketchfab with Oculus Go and it didn’t go well. I found the sketchfab app but it had no search function. Opening from the website kinda worked though it takes forever to load the webpage and the resolution is beyond horrible. I just did this with the VIVE no problems at all. I can move around even, its just so blurry. Any ideas? Should I be downloading some other APP?


Hope there is a solution, looking forward to use the Oculus Go
with sketchfab models.

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Have you found a solution that give god results
with Oculus GO?

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No solution, but i can confirm that the resolution on the Go is beyond horrible. Looks like the VR equivalent of 240p.

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Certanly hope there are a way to solve that problem, could be nice to use Oculus Go with Sketchfab models.

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Hi there!

Yes, that’s right, the Sketchfab app in the Oculus Go library is currently our legacy app which features a series of hand-picked models to explore (as you’ve noticed).

You can click “View in VR” for any model on Sketchfab although you’re right, it looks like they come across a bit low resolution in the browser app compared to the Sketchfab app. I’d like to double-check with our developers and see if there is anything that needs to be done on our end to make this work better.

Thanks for your patience!


Sounds good, look foreward to a solution, the Oculus Go device
is very good quality, and performs very well. :grinning:


Please do! I’d like to recommend to my employer that we show 3D models on Sketchfab with the Oculus Go at a Comic Con event at the end of the month. We have Oculus Go and can buy more, but would need Sketchfab to be functional on it. This would be a great marketing opportunity for Sketchfab and my company both.

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That would be great, the Go is a great device and perfect for viewing the brilliant models on this site it’s only the poor resolution holding it back

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Are there any estimateted time for a solution, and will the solution bee a
fix on the normal Sketchfab site, or an APP in the Oculus store.

I know there are an APP in the store, but that only shows selected
models and not our own models.


This gets a +1 from me. We’d like to be able to use this for education too as we have a few Oculus Go units and some 3D model building students who would love to upload some models and share/explore them in VR. Keep up the good work! :grinning:


I’d love to see this update as well. I’d definitely use Sketchfab+OculusGo with clients at my arch firm, if the quality was a bit crisper. But amazing work so far. Sketchfab is by far the easiest workflow from 3d modeling to VR presentation I have found so far.

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Yes please! I’d love this. Oculus GO would be my go-to for showing my friends and co-workers my models.

I found a work around to get it working.
If you click the little “Request Desktop Site” button on the top of the Oculus Go Browser, then click the fullscreen on the 3d viewer, then click VR. It works in full resolution. Albeit slow FPS, but it works!~!!!

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Sweet. I just tried it out again through the browser on the Go and everything looks so much crisper! Thank you for the fix!

FPS is a little slower, but i guess that’s the trade off for more detail.

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Thanks for the adwise, yes it works.
Still there is some issues, the wieving area is a little reduced, there is black area in the border, and the controller doesn´t work.

I hope the framerate problems also can be solved.

The fix gives an idea of how it would look but hope the other issues are going to bed fixed.

Any comments from the Sketchfab team?

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You are a God among mere mortals! XD

I currently work with Oculus so I’ll be sure to try to get this to the right people. Obviously there is still need for some optimization on both ends, this is a great start though!

There are still issues with the Oculus Go.

  1. Problems with low resolution if you don´t use the little fix described earlyer in this topic.
    2.The Oculus Go controller doesn´t work. ( You are not able to navigate in the scene)
  2. The size seem to be off, you don´t appear in the scene in the size you decide with the VR dude.
  3. Some black areas in the border, especially if you turn your head fast.

If it´s going to be fixed it would be realy nice :slight_smile:

(problem with the text editing, there are four points: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 :slight_smile:

This (compatibility with Oculus app) seems like an essential to me.

I’m currently looking for a VR platform for our customers, I would like to use Sketchfab as the model storage, but this must be working optimally in Oculus app to be worth us considering using this as our setup.

Is there any update on the progress with the App?

Does the App allow the user to browse private models?

Thanks in advance for the latest official update on this progress.

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Anything in progress?

Looking foreward to improvements.

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