Oculus GO - Sketchfab Support HELP


(3DPipelineStudios) #1

Just attempted to use sketchfab with Oculus Go and it didn’t go well. I found the sketchfab app but it had no search function. Opening from the website kinda worked though it takes forever to load the webpage and the resolution is beyond horrible. I just did this with the VIVE no problems at all. I can move around even, its just so blurry. Any ideas? Should I be downloading some other APP?

(Lpdenmark) #2

Hope there is a solution, looking forward to use the Oculus Go
with sketchfab models.

(Lpdenmark) #3

Have you found a solution that give god results
with Oculus GO?

(Senritsu) #4

No solution, but i can confirm that the resolution on the Go is beyond horrible. Looks like the VR equivalent of 240p.

(Lpdenmark) #5

Certanly hope there are a way to solve that problem, could be nice to use Oculus Go with Sketchfab models.

(Dan) #7

Hi there!

Yes, that’s right, the Sketchfab app in the Oculus Go library is currently our legacy app which features a series of hand-picked models to explore (as you’ve noticed).

You can click “View in VR” for any model on Sketchfab although you’re right, it looks like they come across a bit low resolution in the browser app compared to the Sketchfab app. I’d like to double-check with our developers and see if there is anything that needs to be done on our end to make this work better.

Thanks for your patience!

(Lpdenmark) #8

Sounds good, look foreward to a solution, the Oculus Go device
is very good quality, and performs very well. :grinning:

(Lareieli) #9

Please do! I’d like to recommend to my employer that we show 3D models on Sketchfab with the Oculus Go at a Comic Con event at the end of the month. We have Oculus Go and can buy more, but would need Sketchfab to be functional on it. This would be a great marketing opportunity for Sketchfab and my company both.

(Loganzite) #10

That would be great, the Go is a great device and perfect for viewing the brilliant models on this site it’s only the poor resolution holding it back

(Lpdenmark) #11

Are there any estimateted time for a solution, and will the solution bee a
fix on the normal Sketchfab site, or an APP in the Oculus store.

I know there are an APP in the store, but that only shows selected
models and not our own models.