Oculus GO - Sketchfab Support HELP


(Jesse Benson09) #45

I am dying to use the site on the oculus go. It would be a perfect fit for me to demo things to people.

Also, I paid for pro membership and it’s a bummer that all my annotations dont work right on super medium/webgl/mobile vr.

(Tl0615) #46

I had to get a work project going and ended using Daydream and Galaxy S9s. Works reasonbly well with Sketchfab webVR. Teleport is “aimed” by looking at target which is not optimal but allows standardization across HMDs. Would have saved quite a bit of money if Sketchfab VR had worked with GO.

(Drrcarlos) #47

Amazing that this is still a problem after what 4 or so months? tried it today to see if they finally fixed it, and nope! good job all around.

(Colmjenkins) #48

As an educator , we love sketch fab in the classroom. Figure out how to get Oculus Go and your webpage working TOGETHER and we are going to implement your software district wide ! PLEASE

(Lpdenmark) #49

Seems like the development team has quit the business

(3DPipelineStudios) #50

The Oculus Quest will be coming out Spring of next year, hopefully this will have better support.

(Opadesign) #51

Any update or roadmap on when Oculus Go will be supported with Sketchfab? Would love to use it to showcase projects to clients.

(Opadesign) #52

Looks like oculus go is running smoothly with sketchfab again! Thank you so much sketchfab team! I really appreciate it!

(Jfm3d) #53

Looks like the controller works, but the resolution is still rather bad.
Strange though that the controller works :slight_smile:


(Cros) #54

Controller works at least a bit… jumping around works, selecting cameras does not.
Performance & resolution are still terrible. Sketchfab wants me to update to a payed account… no thanks, as long as this issue is not resolved…

(Dimitarsp) #55

I’m also having issues with VR mode in the oculus go browser. It says that an error has caused the page to reload.

(Paul Sketch) #57


As noted here, we finally had time to work on VR support on Oculus GO.

Resolution is the biggest performance problem (headset have > 2k resolution).
We have to keep it low so that experience is working, as we have no control on model complexity nor direct access to optimized Hardware.
Please keep in Oculus GO is a “mobile” hardware very far from Desktop capabilities… and yet have bigger resolution than Oculus Rift.

Note that “Firefox Reality” oculus go app allows you to change resolution in the browser options… so that you can see for yourself how high resolution impact the rendering. (but be warned that it may induce “VR nausea”)

As a side note, on Oculus GO, oculus browser support model viewer and controllers, but on “Firefox Reality”, the controllers are not always working correctly. same headset, but different browser…

( WebVR API lacks of multi-platform support abstraction. It makes it very hard to support/test all headset/browser. It effectively require specific work for each combinations. )

@cros “selecting cameras does not.” can you provide a model where you have the bug or it’s all annotations ?
@dimitarsp cannot reproduce can you post the model where you have the bug ?

(Lpdenmark) #58

Good news :slight_smile:

(Lpdenmark) #59

I am surprised how complex models exported from UNITY the Oculus Go headset can handle.

I think most 3D designers will have and idea or find out by trial and error how complex
models from Sketchfab the headset will handle properly.

Look foreward to test it in Oculus Go :slight_smile:

(Tl0615) #60

Any chance the Go will be able to scale models like Daydream?

(Relax) #61

Please develop a native Oculus GO app for viewing our models in best possible quality!