Oculus Quest - low quality 😭


(Goldensun) #1

Hi, I’m using the Oculus Quest’s browser to see sketchfab’s models in VR mode, but apparently the quality is terrible, seems like to watch a Game Boy resolution model. Any suggestions to fix that? Thank you!!

Sketchfab VR for Oculus Quest
(Virainsight) #3


I have recently acquired an Oculus Quest and wanted to see if Sketchfab VR works with my models.

They do…but the image resolution is VERY pixelated.

Is there a way to fix this or is there going to be an update to get a better resolution for VR viewing on the quest?

(Bart) #4

As the Oculus Quest is a self-contained mobile device, its performance is not at the same level as desktop solution. This leads to lower resolution for WebVR applications - this is not under our control unfortunately :-/

(Goldensun) #6

Wait… so why I can see the VR mode way better with my phone which is a less powerful system compared with the Oculus Quest?? :thinking:

(Goldensun) #7

Mate, did you try with a phone and the Sketchfab app? It works perfectly, so why it doesn’t work on the Quest?

(Xmt) #8

At the top of the Quest browser there is an option to switch to desktop mode. This will enable VR at higher resolution. I have tried it with one of my models now and it is very laggy in this mode. However, this is a high poly count model generated from a CT image. I will now work on optimisations to reduce the count.

(Geo Lay) #9

If Facebook make webVR optimized app it will great way to share 3D models with my friends.

(Baldur) #10

this is very strange indeed… on my phone it looks totaly fine in cardbordVR Mode and on my OculusQuest everything is just a blurry blob.

(Alexwann202) #11

Hi guys!

Absolutely ,Oculus Quest is way more powerful device then my 2013 iphone 4 that worked ( now stereoscopic viewing is not working for ore then a year now…:confused: ) perfectly with Sketchfab. There will be A LOT of users using Oculus Quest with Sketchfab this year due to it’s price affordability and great mobility so lets make it work, I know you can do it! :slight_smile: And you’ll be flooded with paid pro accounts, you’ll see;)

(Bart) #12

We’re working on quality improvements. Try the following link to see a preview in action: bit.ly/liopleu. To try this on any other model, use the following link:

https://sketchfab.com/models/<MODEL ID>/

The model ID is the long alphanumeric string at the end of your regular model URL.

(Cklueber) #13

Hello bartv,

unfortunately the link leads to an Error404-page, when I try to show my model:

Thank you very much in advance for assistance.

Best regards

(Bart) #15

Are you sure you generated the URL correctly? It should be:


I just tested it and it works.

(Lpdenmark) #16

Hi Bart
Here the string ends at: maxDevicePixelRatio=1.5
on another place I have seen the value as 2.5
Which gives the best result?
Best regards

(Bart) #17

Just try and see what you like best. We recommend 1.5.

(Lpdenmark) #18

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Goldensun) #19

Thanks for having taken action on it.
I’ll try it for sure this evening and I’ll give you a feedback.

Sketchfab is important for the VR community, and I really think it’s worth to put effort in optimising it for the most popular headset out there (in terms of cost/popularity potential) . I bought the Quest to explore sketchfab freely, wirelessly.

(Bart) #20

We just learned there’s a better way to achieve this:

(Andy Baker) #21

Would you mind sharing? It might be useful info to pass on to other 3D site owners.

(Bart) #22

I did, it’s in my post?

(Goldensun) #24

We just learned there’s a better way to achieve this:

what Bay Raitt is saying was already came up, but it’s too heavy. It’s better for quality images of course, but not optimised at all in performance. You can barely move in the space. It needs more optimisation.

My 2 yrs old samsung S8 runs much better in VR mode over Sketchfab than my Quest.

It’s in your power Sketchfab, you can do it! :raised_hands: