Oculus Quest with/without Link cable


I have been trying to get my Oculus Quest work with Sketchfab for quite some time. There is a well documented forum thread regarding the slow performance using the Quest’s native browser, which as far as i can tell has not been satisfactorily resolved. I cannot understand why an ordinary mobile phone with cardboard can provide a good performance in VR mode, but the more powerful Quest cannot. Anybody from Sketchfab care to provide an update?

I recently got a link cable for the Quest. This seems to enable the Quest to emulate a Rift, and I have successfully managed to get apps like Google Earth to work very well indeed. However, trying to get a Sketchfab model to run on firefox in VR mode for the Quest/Link system has proved elusive. The model loads fine in VR mode on the laptop, and when I move the headset that same movement is reflected on the screen, so far so good, however all I get inside the headset is the Firefox logo and the word “Loading…”. I suspect I am missing something quite basic here, any hints would be highly welcome.

OK the second bit (running Sketchfab/Firefox on Oculus Quest/Link) is fixed…all I needed to do was open the NVidia Control Panel (right click on desktop), and change the default process fro Firefox to the graphics processor…as I thought, something quite basic!

Would really appreciate an update from Sketchfab about running natively in the Quest though.


The truth is, they don’t seem to care. I work for a fairly large company and this is the one issue that is preventing us from moving forward with this platform. We are looking at getting an independent developer to build a platform for us using the quest. The money has to go somewhere.
The fact that they have not offered a reasonable solution or hinting even at working on one is just discouraging.

As said by @jinjamu at the start of this thread, there is a whole forum thread explaining the whole situation in this very forum.
Here is the conclusion

There is no update on this situation since then.

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Fair enough I guess, if it was possible then I am sure sketchfab would do it, no reason not to given the growing popularity of the Quest. Massive pity though.