Oculus Rfit DK2 - can't view SketchFab VR conent?

(Siobhanmc) #1

Hi there,

I’m new to VR so apologies for silly questions. I’ve got my hands on a Rift DK2. I’ve it hooked up to an Ailenware 51 - the VR headset appears to be working fine, tracking etc.

Ideally I’d like to use it to view some models on SketchFab. But I can’t seem to make the connection between the headset and SketchFab.

I’ve the latest version of FireFox and I’ve allowed external apps in Oculus software. I’ve tried to view the models both directly from the model page and through the VR viewer. In either scenario nothing comes through to the headset.

I’m clearly missing some steps.

Thanks in advance.

(Lpdenmark) #2

It works here, so it´s a question of finding the problem,
hope someone have a answer.

We have two eaquel systems, and one works stable,
the other one sometimes fail, haven´t got the answer to why it happens.
( it´s not DK2 I think, is the DK2 an older model?)

(Aleahy) #3

Have you checked that the reference webvr samples work ok with your setup?
Try https://webvr.info/samples/

(Siobhanmc) #4

Thanks for that link aleahy.

I’ve actually managed to get my hands on the newer consumer rift. However I’m still having issues with webVR.

I can run the Oculus dreamdeck demo find on the headset. When I try the webvr samples you linked to it’s not feeding through.

So Hello WebVR! - isConnected = true, isPresenting = false
VR Input - appears on screen but not on the headset

I’m accessing the web from an organizational network that is firewalled. Could that be the issue?