Oculus Rift and Sketchfab

(Lpdenmark) #1

I wonder if anyone have the same problem, and maybe have the answer.
My Sketchfab models work absolute fine in Oculus Rift. I use Firefox Nightly
and it works as mentioned very well, a very exiting experience, but I can´t
figure out why a model loads perfect sometimes, and shortly after I won´t load.
It´s not stable and I can´t find out why.

Have someone the same problem, and if I´m lucky found out hove to solve the problem?

Thanks in adwance for any help.


(Paul Sketch) #2

Do you have the same problem with Firefox Stable ?

(Nightly is highly experimental, I wouldn’t expect it not to crash)

(Lpdenmark) #3

I didn´t expect the Firefox stable to be able of handling VR,
What I have seen recomended is the nightly build, and I can´t
make it work on the stable version eighter.

It works very well when it works :slight_smile:
but it´s not stable. I don´t know if its the browser,
or it maybe is the Oculus that dont clear its buffer
when you view several 3D models after each other.