Oculus Rift Remote

(PaleoWest) #1

Is the remote supposed to work within the VR view? Right now I can only teleport with a mouse click. Thanks!

(PaleoWest) #2

Figured it out. Needed to load a previous version of Chromium.

(Paulchambers3d) #3

Curious - which build of Chromium did you roll back to?

(PaleoWest) #4


I can't remember exactly....Try any version other than the latest. Download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzudLt22BqGRY1JNbXhpQTNCa2c


(Vrrom) #5

I need to figure this out too. It worked when I first used Chrome and WebVR, but when I downloaded subsequent versions, the oculus remote did not work, and you NEED this for tellaporting around/scaling your model, without the keyboard.. (Might I request full xbox controller locomotion)
NOW, WebVr doesn't work at all! (Brand new computer, latest version of windows 10 and all drivers) Disappointing and frustrating.
Anyway, I'm sure I have the older working version of Chromium on my other computer... If anyone figured out what version it was, please leave a note..


(Vrrom) #6

Looks like version 54.0.2812.0 from the end of July 2016, is a winner.

(Mantas T) #7

I cannot find this version to download anywhere.. i am not a programmer so i need simple win 64 installer :slight_smile: would you be so kind to point me to right direction if you still have a link to it? thank you.

(Vrrom) #8

Great news for you! Sketchfab is now super stable in FireFox Nightly. That's been my goto for looking at my uploads in OCULUS for a while now.. There will be no mirrored window in the browser, but you can use the OCULUS mirror exe if you want to do screen recordings. I'd make a video showing you how, but I'm currently awaiting a replacement rift after my audio went out. Yeah, just use Firefox Nightly and your quest is complete!

(Bart) #9

Thats great news, thanks! I recently tried the nightly and while it worked ok, it would always crash after exiting WebVR mode. Is that fixed now?

(Vrrom) #10

In my most recent experiences in direct uploading of Zenfone AR Open constructor scans, to Sketchfab; I've been able to RELIABLY set and save the VR starting view and scale (in any browser). Then load into Oculus using Firefox Nightly. Positional Tracking was noticeably slower a few weeks ago, but the last 3 experiments have gone very SMOOTH!!
The most efficient workflow is being perfected!
Currently, any VR developer should be able to rapid prototype a 3D scan to VR via Sketchfab upload within ten minutes. EZ!
SketchFab is becoming the Youtube of 3D VR models.
...oh, the Touch controllers work.. I haven't tried the old oculus thumb remote in a long time..