Oculus with Sketchfab


(Remodelingdesign) #1

I up loaded a file to sketch fab to view with my Oculus which didn't work until I downloaded Nightly so I can do the open web VR. It was working just fine and now when I try and connect it doesn't allow me to see the model and the oculus turns the Oculus home page on and cant view my model but you can see the model move on the screen.

I did some research about making sure the 3rd party setting is on in the Oculus settings which it is. Nothing on my end has changed. Any ideas why I cant view my models thru the Oculus anymore?


(Joesteel) #2

I have the same issue. I have tested nightly and chromium individually and on two different pcs both with the same results. Launching 'vr' mode just lists the instructions each time. The oculus isn't detected.

Did you figure it out?

(Remodelingdesign) #3

Didnt figure anything our other than had to update my computer and also Nightly went thru an update that removed open VR. Just updated nightly and now it works!