Old parisian buildings


(Mrcyb) #1


I’m currently working on this “dieselpunk” bus. Based on the old Renault TN-6 bus used by the RATP (parisian transportation service) during more than 30 years. ( +/- 1935-1970).

I try to render the atmosphere of a typical parisian street of the mid-century with a diesel punk touch

(Mrcyb) #2

Modeling prop for my scene :

A “colonne Morris” used to display advertissement in the streets.
Still need some texturing… :wink:

(Mrcyb) #3

With some textures :wink:

(Mrcyb) #4

I’m working on this typically parisian building…

(Mrcyb) #5

Beginning of the texturing (just a difuse material test)

(Mrcyb) #6

The first building is almost finished.

I started the second building of the block.

(Mrcyb) #7

The second building. Still some details to ad. And adjust some textures.

(Mrcyb) #8

If you see something more to do to improve the model… Feel free to comment.

(Mrcyb) #9

First test with the bus and the building… The number of polygons and textures is already quite high… Hope I will be able to upload all in sketchfab… :hushed:

I still need to model lamposts, benchs etc.

close up

(Mrcyb) #10

Entrance of a metro station.

(Mrcyb) #11

(Mrcyb) #12


I have finally upload my models on sketchfab. I had to split my “street” in 2 differents files due to limitation of 50 mo.

You can take a look at my work here :

Immeuble parisien / Parisian building by mrcyb on Sketchfab

and here :

Immeuble parisien et métro by mrcyb on Sketchfab

I still have some issues with transparency (the street pavement) And I to drastictly reduce de quality of the texture to be able to upload the files. So the overall quality of the models is quit low compared to the original blender files.