Old series turns into Editorial license only

List of my aquatic animal and some of my weapon models are turned into editorial license only.

Looking through the forum this seems to be a case by case basis so I’m writing it here.

I build these fishes from a cube, paint them by hand too, these are my career starting model.

So it’s unpleasant to see the store accuse my models contains 3rd party intellectual property.

To add salt to injury the contact us link send me to a blank page.

What is causing this? can you please change it back?

Everything I made before this model(Everything before 2021/01/31) is forced into editorial license. Please revert them.

Thank you,

Sincerely, Deaven

You should email the Store team directly about this : store@sketchfab.com

Thanks for reaching out – we have replied via email and resolved this issue.

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Hi sasha

The email claimed all model will be reverted but apparently that’s not the case.

Very unfortunate, but the issue is still not resolved.

These are still locked and editorial:

and especially these, since I couldn’t fathom the reason why, is simply referring a certain franchise in the comment a copyright infringement now?:

Please revert them, if not, Please at least let me know why.

That said, I responded to the email as soon as I find these model still under editorial.

However there are no more response for the rest of the day, is that normal?


Armored Interactive


The models that were not changed to Standard License make reference to 3rd party IP, such as Dragonraja series, Sekiro: shadow die twice, FOR HONOR hero Black Prior, and more.