Older model Stuck on 'Reprocessing'

(Mind Chamber) #1

Ive lost one of my older models due to a harddrive failure. My last ditch effort was to try and download it from sketchfab… but when I changed it to downloadable, it hangs on reprocessing.

anything I could do from my end? or should I just give up? I know the model is extremely old, and flawed, and probably isnt up to the newer standards.

(Mind Chamber) #3

Anyone who I can ask directly for help on this.?

(Jorditorres) #4

Hi @MindChamber,

There was a problem with reprocessing such old models. The good news is that a fix is in it’s way, and should be released soon. In the meantime I can send you the file you uploaded, if that’s ok.

(Mind Chamber) #5

That would be awesome and super appreciated… thanks so much…
Kind regards,


(Gargore) #6

Hi Jordi, what’s the status for the fix? will it take much longer?


@MindChamber i checked all your models they reprocessed successfully. Are you still seeing issues?

(Mind Chamber) #8

Hey James hi,… I haven’t tried to download again since you sent me the models by email… I will try to download them tonight when I get home,…
Thanks so much for checking in.