Oldest human footprints in the American Southwest - on Sketchfab!

There’s been big news lately in the world of archaeology: archaeologists have found the oldest human footprints in the American Southwest (Tucson, Arizona, specifically). The prints, which are 2,500-3,000 years old according to dates obtained by radiocarbon testing, were made by people walking across an agricultural field.

The exciting find has been covered by a multitude of news sources, some of which even included the 3D models of the footprints, which were produced by Doug Gann (@archaeologysouthwest) of Archaeology Southwest.

To read more about the footprints and the circumstances of the excavation, check out Western Digs or the Daily Mail. And to see more of Doug’s great scans, check out his profile.


This story is really amazing, thanks!

By coincidence, I came across a similar scan today:


Great news, thanks for the info @abbyec ! It’s just amazing to see remains like that come to light.

A few weeks ago I came across an image of a roman tegula with cat footprints and I remember seing one myself somewhre. I’ll scan it if I see it again.

Also, scanning some roman pottery I once saw a fingerprint. Isn’t just awesome to humanize the remains with little details like those?