On Cardboard please do not disable mouse controls


(Neurall) #1

Hello guys.

Cardboard opens VR to masses. Models and scenes provided on cardboard are unfortunately dependent on waypoints . And fixed waypoind experience is more like slideshow instead of observing object from every possible angle while zooming.

Fortunately on cardboard phones you can easily connect cheap bt/usb mouse and all mouse navigation / pan / zooming actually works.

but unfortunately only until you switch to webvr full-screen mode
than you will get essentially non-interactive way-point slideshow

Can you please not disable mouse in webvr as an obtion ? for example url parameter keepmouse=true would suffice.

Until then. I am trying to locate which line in minified viewer osg.js ? i need to comment out so mouse is not disabled when entering webvr mode. so far i am trying to patch viewer.js via tampermonkey.

keeping mouse enable will not affect mobiles/hmd since they dont have mouse as default or lets have it as a option

as for navigation i think it would be more practical just move/scroll zoom whole scene with mouse in vr mode and keep cardboard/hmd to change camera target as it is right now

what you guys think. I thing cardboard-phone with cheap usb/bt mouse would be great even before webar arrives especially for the the zooming part as ar would be quite unreliable (dependent on environment/sampling) slow at first
whereas mouse reaction times precision/reliability will be hard to beat for some time. .