On the GO!: "CHORRITO'S TACOS" (Critiques/Suggestions Welcome)


(Theerniebecerra) #1

On the GO!: "CHORRITO'S TACOS" WIP by Ernesto Becerra on Sketchfab

This is the high res model that i'm currently working on. I used Bastien Jalibert’s concept illustration of the Hotdog Cart as reference/concept and added some extras to make the model unique. My plan is to have a low poly done soon and texture it similar to the models from the game Sunset Overdrive. Any critiques and suggestions are very welcome!

Also you can see some more of my work at ArtStation and vote for my entry at TheRookies

(Nomadking) #2

It's a good start - very true to the style of the concept :smile:

Personally, I think the balloons are a bit too much and detract from the Taco character you've created. Instead I'd go for a more 'animated' pose with the taco and possibly raise it up like the burger in Bastien's Burger Shack concept :wink:

(Theerniebecerra) #3

Thanks @nomadking for the critique!

I like your suggestions and will definitely make some changes to the model :hamburger: