One model separate objects [from blender]


(Kumabokun47) #1

I created a model composed of 2 separate objects , one for the head and the other for the rest of the body. then, I created textures for each object and it worked fine in blender. when I uploaded the model to sketchfab I could only choose one texture for the whole model.

How can I manage textures here and how can I solve this problem??

(Shaderbytes) #2

by texture i presume you mean material.What would you like to do?. Geometry is grouped by material.This happens in most realtime 3d engines. Some just provide a system for you to edit you geometry more than others before rending. There is no object selection in the sketchfab editor, only material selection and by proxy the geometry associated with that material.Geometry that shares a material is grouped to reduce drawcalls and to better use the GPU with higher single geometric objects.

If you really need to have the objects separated create another material for them. Both materials can still use the same one texture.but this removes any batching. As mentioned before batching is good , low drawcalls is good, this is even why textures get atlased.. so they share a material.. but for one or two objects is does not matter really. Just duplicate you material in blender.