One sell two downloads


(Natalija Soto) #1

I see that I have two downloads on model which arnt free, but only one sell from May 1th
Any idea whats happen :slight_smile:slightly_smiling_face: its Jade Shadow worrir , , that model never be free

(Laurer1990) #2

Hey Natalija
maybe that one costumer has downloaded it twice?
Just a quick thougt of mine (=


(Natalija Soto) #3

well ,why should he do that, and shouldnt Ive get some notification if it same costumer , and why he done 24hours later, I dont know but on the others site that download doesnt count ,

(Natalija Soto) #4

which is logic that download from costumers doesnt count because if it is, I dont say these site is like that, but left a room for suspicious. I cannot track on that way how many times product are really downloaded. it can be 100 downloads and on my account to stand 1 sell. You know what I meant.Anyway , I would really like to get answer from site moderators :slight_smile:


Based on our logs, it’s only been downloaded once (by the user that bought it).

Perhaps downloading the Additional Files bumped the download count unexpectedly, checking with our developers.

(Natalija Soto) #6

Hm,intresting, so according to U buyer download one scene and after more than 24hours come back and download additional maya files which are the point of these sell.:unamused:


Just confirmed that downloading the original files, the transcoded glTF version, and the additional files archive each count as a download.

(Natalija Soto) #8

So there is no way for me to know real downloads. So I must trust on your words , that it were just one purches. Is it possible that only turbosquid, doesn’t allowed these. Now I get it why ppl use these platform for sell

(Nomadking) #9

Surely you can just use the sales/purchases dashboard to track the number of downloads that are unique users and not the same user downloading the additional formats?

(Natalija Soto) #10

Im sorry but I really don’t understood what U are talking abou.Im 15years in VFX and animation industry,and Im pretty much familiar how selling platforms work.These is my first shop open but I know how it works.To purshes anything U must have Ur profile .In moment when U buy and place order you get straight link on unlimited downloads.In that moment that downloads stop to count.In the way you suggest me to track my downloads I should base my trust on platforms word that that numbers of purshes exist.What I wish to say,I xan have 1000downloads and platforms can say that only one were unique and that rest 999 were from same buyer.Im sorry but that dont put some trust in it.I don’t wish to implement anything,but in 15 years I sow and felt all source of scums,and at least you must giv me that these thing can put suspected in my head.So ofcourse Ill ask for illogical explanation.And if these is what platform suggest that I trust when they say it were only one even the counter show different,Im sorry but it dont put trust in me.Anyway at least platform can sent buyers email from which account product are download like they sent mail when U download.Cheers,and thanks all for participating in these discussions :v:

(Natalija Soto) #11

Im answering from my mobile so Im sorry for mistakes,these stupid word predictions and mobile bord :unamused:

(Nomadking) #12

That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Any of other line of thinking doesn’t make sense, as the platform also controls the download number you see on the model page. If they were going to do the type of deception you suggest, it would be very simple to make the download number match the number of sales they are informing you of.

(Natalija Soto) #13

Im sorry but that bot make sense.Why should I trust someone that were one download and counter say 2,3 or 5.And why these platform are so different in these than others that it count all downloads .Sorry but how all other platforms don’t incuded downloads of buyers why.And yes ai don’t trust ,I can only trust if platform sent notification to me that downloads are from same account…What suggest is that.Honestly I rader give higher fee and to have straight line and trust than these.I trust only to my eyes,on word Not.When someone say to me trust me because I know and don’t give me anything to prove I know that lie is behind

(Nomadking) #14

It makes perfect sense. Both of the pieces of information you are comparing (downloads & sales) come from the SAME platform. If they wanted to deceive you, you would never know.

(Natalija Soto) #15

As I say product were download on April 30th ,notification of downloads and purshes I get May 1th. So it passed mre than 24hours when second download appears,but not money.So I wish to believe,for now its some bug or glich in system and I really belive that Ill get logical explanation.:v: Namaste

(Natalija Soto) #17

Tnx for tips :slight_smile:

(Bart) #18

I think James explained the situation clearly, and there are no signs of fraud here. If you’re set on not trusting a platform, then there’s nothing we can do to convince you otherwise…