Only 1 material in 3D settings

So i’m fairly new to sketchfab. I’m trying to upload a model from blender with 6 different materials to showcase. My problem is whatever I do I can only seem to select 1 material from the dropdown list.


I have tried the in-built Blender Sketchfab plug in.
I have tried uploading a fbx with packed media.
I have tried uploading a .obj with .mtl
I have tried uploading a .blend manually.

I can always upload textures afterwards of course, but there is no option to add another material in the 3D settings. Can somebody please help?

The model is fine in every other way, you can see it here - Fighter Drone - 3D model by jpholmes122 (@jpholmes122) [ee7d4a7] - Sketchfab



Hey Jomny
If I understand you correctly, you want to have the same model with multiple materials in the same area?
So for example you can swap between metal body to something else like wood body?
If so, you can’t do it. Maybe in API, but it will have to be on your website.
If you just want to have multiple materials, but for different parts of the model, you can just select polygons in blender and assign them to specific areas.

Hi Wakarma,

Okay, that’s dissapointing. Say you are a seller, and you want to sell a model, does this mean you can only include one material?

Could I have multiple models in the same previewer, like here -

but each with its own material?



Yes you can! Just assign the materials in Blender

Oh I see, so I duplicate the model in Blender, assign each material, etc. So It’s more like uploading a scene? If I then wanted to become a seller and sell the model, would this be the correct way sell a model with multiple materials?

There is nothing stopping you from doing it this way.
You can even add annotations in Sketchfab 3d editor for a specific model to zoom in, so it’s easier to navigate around the scene.

If you know how to animate, you could probably have multiple objects at the same spot and scale them up and down, so in a single frame it would change from one object to the other. Obviously you would have to hide the other model somewhere in the scene, but for selling… Maybe it would annoy someone? :thinking:

BTW, it looks like your model has some flipped normals.

which model? The frog one is not mine, or do you mean my Fighter Drone? Where are the flipped normals?

Oh right, its not your model :stuck_out_tongue: the example you gave, my bad

whew, that’s a relief. Thanks for all your help! I will mark a solution now.

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