Only 3 DOF in VR, used to be 6

(Xmt) #1

All was working well using using Windows Mixed Reality, with full 6 degrees of freedom tracking. Now, only getting 3 DOF. If I move, everything moves with me. From the looks of the topics, it seems VR is suddenly broken.

(Xmt) #2

I’ve just been having another look at this. Actually, the positional tracking is there, but the scale is wrong. If I move about 3 paces in the real world, I move maybe half a pace in VR, if that. I just checked another app in WebVR on Firefox and that was working perfectly.

(Vrchris) #3

This is so embarrassing. Everything was working well few weeks ago, and lately it has been broken. It seems like the positional tracking is not working (Rift), but like you said, after adjusting the scale it does work - but it’s off anyway. I want it to work the same way as it was weeks ago!

Sketchfab, what is taking so long?

(Aleahy) #4

@james can we get an update on VR support in Sketchfab?

There appears to have been some changes in the last couple of days (March 15?).

Translation tracking is kind of back with Firefox/Vive (what I’m viewing with). But the scaling/staging is out of whack… floor and controller are in weird spots and head movement doesn’t track at the right scale in vr, makes me very whoozy!

If there’s anything we can help with, please let us know.

At this point I’d be happy with a separate /vr/ URL which only loaded the vr viewer, like /embed/.

Cheers, Andrew.


Sorry for the delay on these issues. I think a new round of fixes is on the way.

@paul_sketch or @nehon probably have more info.

(Rémy Bouquet) #6

The fix should be shipped today

(Aleahy) #7

Hi, VR viewing isn’t fixed for me. Except in some special circumstances where I’m able to scale the model to ‘fit’. But 9 out of 10 are still bad.

Windows 10/Firefox Nightly/HTC Vive/Rift CV1