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Only six days left! Will you be ready in time?!

(Bart) #1

Hi all,

here's a quick reminder that you have six days left to submit your final entry for the Haunted House competition. I'm having a great time following all the WIPs and seeing the conversations here. I hope you're enjoying yourself too!

And here's a zombie, just to stay in the mood :smile:

Zombie by Adam Beamish on Sketchfab

(Eamon Gavin) #2

This has certainly been a challenge with the time thus far, so many ideas on the shelf for time saving.

Best of luck to everyone..

(Zugzug) #3

Hehe nice, good luck all! :wink:

(Nekokawaii11) #4

I think that I can end it, but I'm not really sure about the quality of my project, I'm a little sad and trying to think that It's all an empty feel problem. Good luck guys :confounded:

(Marcin Cecot) #5

So it seems like there are some pretty long days ahead of us :smile: A lot of work still to do so let's get back to it! :smile:
Several projects evolved into a very, very good works here! Good luck everyone!

(Lord00120) #6

Aww maaan I missed it this year... I had an awesome idea for the halloween contest, but I just haven't been to the forums for a while :confused:

(Dark Minaz) #7

almost done, then again i had to give up some sleep, dam work, always in the way of fun :stuck_out_tongue:
had some ideas that just would take way to long to add :frowning: well maybe at some point ill add them in the future, the 3 headed dog from the underworld, a gateway to the netherworld, batman .. ehm bats, and a lot of painted texturing, broken down car, more details on certain objects, pretty much an endless thing if you want to.
but i am still happy with my current status.

(Pasto) #8

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! :scream:

4 days late due to work ! go go gooooo! :smiling_imp:

(Bart) #9

Oh man! How could you miss this? I've spammed everyone everywhere! :smile:

(Lord00120) #10

I'l try anyways I think I have a small idea :smile:

(DOI) #11

ahhhhh.... today I begin texturing....

(ProjectOL) #12

Maybe we've overburdened ourselves a little....
What is the exact deadline? (Hour? Which timezone?)

Thanks in advance!

(Bart) #13

Deadline is Wednesday October 28th, 23:59 EDT (New York time).


(Pasto) #14

So, at October 29th, 4:59 CET in Europe?

(Marcin Cecot) #15

It depends on which part of Europe ^^

(Dark Minaz) #16

keep atleast 1 hour for sketchfab upload, forum links, fixing possible errors and reuploading.
but yes
23:59:59 Wednesday October 28, 2015 New York is 04:59:59 Thursday October 29, 2015 in Europe (GMT+1) so switzerland, germany that area :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bart) #17

Don't get too stressed about the time - as long as the entry is on the site when I wake up the next morning, it's ok :smile:

(Bart) #18

Only one day left!! How are the stress levels?

(Marcin Cecot) #19

My stress level was highest last night and this morning, when my graphic card broak, and couldn't even turn on my computer :smile: Fortunatelly I managed to ressurect it for some time by baking it and I can finish my work this way... Phew.
And I'm on a good way to finish my scene today :smile:

(Bart) #20

Holy crap! That's VERY unfortunate timing indeed. I guess you could use the first prize to buy a new card? :smile: