Only square logos?

(3D-Fokus) #1

please look at my logo! The image in the jpg-file is oblong, but it is always reduced to a squared shade. I have tried different formats and resolutions. Never got an acceptable result :frowning:

Could you please help me?

Best regards



Hi Thomas,

Avatars/logo images are always cropped/resized to a square. If you want your logo to be displayed correctly, you should put it in the middle of a square canvas.

(3D-Fokus) #3

Hi James,
I did as you said and it seams to work - despite my logo in this forum. But maybe that will have success for new postings … like this one :eyes:
Thank you and have a nice day


I think if you log out of the forum and log back in again, it should update.

(3D-Fokus) #5

Sorry, I fear, it did not update.


Hmm ok. @bartv could you check?

(Bart) #7

I have manually updated it. It’s not a great logo for an avatar though. If you give me a better crop I can replace it.

(3D-Fokus) #8

now it looks fine. Thank you very much.

(3D-Fokus) #9

now I have rearranged the logo and it appears correctly on the main page, but I have to ask you to update it again for the forum. Thank you for your patience and best regards

(Bart) #10

No worries, I updated it.