Opacity map effects entire equally

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I’m competing in the Blendercon splashscreen challenge and I’m running into last minute issues.

I am running into a really strange opacity issue. I have a section of ground and I want to blur the edges so there isn’t a harsh transition to nothingness. In blender it works fine, but in sketchfab the whole mesh fades out equally. Addtionally, it is never at full opaqueness.

The wierdest part is that the first time I uploaded the scene it worked great (unfortunately I’ve since reuploaded over it and it’s never worked again).

Here it is in blender:

Here it is in sketchfab:
(Can’t embed more than 2 images since Im a new user)

Here is the alpha map:

If I use the Alpha Mask tab instead of Opacity it’s still broken. One thing I did notice is that either the gltf export process or Sketchfab is combining the base-color image and the alpha map into one image. But, even when I manually add the base color and alpha maps im using in blender It still doesn’t work properly in the same way.

Here is the sketchfab link (I uploaded the ground mesh separate from the rest of the scene for testing): Log in to your Sketchfab account - Sketchfab

I would be happy to share any files to help figure out what is going on.

Here is my node setup:

Hello, your opacity map has the opacity information in the Alpha channel. you need to change its format to Alpha, in the editor

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Hey, Thank you for the help!

The format ultimately wasn’t the issue in the main scene, but your suggestion pointed me in the right direction to find the fix! I had set it to alpha multiple times but it was still wrong. But once I stopped and really looked at it with Alpha set I realized that the UV mapping orientation was wrong. For some reason in the test scene I linked here the UV orientation was correct because you fixed worked. In the main scene it didn’t work. So, I took the alpha map into photoshop and rotated/flipped the image and that fixed it.

tl;dr: somewhere in the pipeline between Blender>gltf export>sketchfab, the UV map for the object got reoriented. The easiest way to fix it was to troubleshoot rotating/flipping the alpha map in an image editor. I think 90 degree rotation and a horizontal is what did it.

Thank you for the help!