OPACITY MASK (holes) doesn't work well

(Da Chen) #1

Hi There,

have a problem with this 3D product. I upload the opacity mask to do some faux holes in the shoe upper, but when I rotate the shoes something went wrong: the holes become bigger than original file I updated. Please, can you check the files and help me to arrage the bug?

many thanks

(Shaderbytes) #2

mmm… i do see some issues on your model when viewed at certain angles, there are these weird artifacts that appear around the holes, this can be seen using the model inspector on the base color and normal map channels.

Strange because i just used a map for holes on a recent model and do not have any issues like this. One thing different is im not using a normal map, so perhaps remove that just for testing and see if the problem go’s away. If it does then we know there is some issue with transparency and normal maps


Looks like z-fighting / order issue because the whole thing is one material using the blending transparency mode.

Switching to Mask with ~70% opacity should fix it because Mask has no order problems:

(Da Chen) #4

Now it works!! Thanks!!!

(Hansolocambo) #5

Damn ! That’s good to know. Great tip, thanks James.