Opacity Problem

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I’ve recently uploaded my model:

And there is a material called grates - it’s basically metal flooring grates, so a part of the material is transparent. It seemed like the material worked for a couple of days and then it stopped working and is now showing as a solid color.

If I re-add the texture it seems to work for awhile and then goes to solid again, tryed it a couple of times allready. Also in the 3D settings the textures shows transparent, but then in the actual model it doesn’t. I think I tryed using all the viable modes for opacity, same thing happens.

Maybe it’s something simple, maybe not.

Thanks for the help.

Opacity on material stops working after a while (possibly refraction related?)
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this is a bug , the devs are aware of it and a fix should be rolled out this week sometime

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This should now be fixed. Soon we will run a script to reprocess affected textures. You can also re-save your texture settings to trigger reprocessing.