Opacity Problems both on Targa, Png & JPG

(Lizard Motion Films) #1

This is very important for me I need to submit this as a project but the opacity is not working for my model I have tried to invert the opacity texture from black to white and vice versa but the windows will blend and the helicopter will be invisible or the windows are crudely cut out. Even tried changing the setting in the program but the fade that I need are not there.

The texture is made so that it does not go directly from black to white but the program does not seam to pick it up aside from when it puts it as only the windows being shown.

By the way you should also allow Targa's to be uploaded manually without having to re-upload everything with a zip just to get the targa map to work since they are so commonly used.

Also link to model is here:

(Lizard Motion Films) #2

Oh No I realized my mistake instead of properly looking I would scroll the amount up which would remove all visibility but at 0 it does actually work my bad.


Glad you got it working!

(Stephomi) #4

We do support tga file in the sketchfab editor. Did you try it and it didn't work (extension should be .tga)?