Open ssl 1.0 library for data download

Hello, I called a computer specialist to settle the open SSL pb.

We know how to install open SSL, compile the sources but the software refuses to export to sketchfab, not finding all the libraries. It continues to put me as a message: Open ssl 1.0 library for data download

Sorry, can you provide some more contact about your problem please?

Our action of this pb :

  1. Build OpenSSL 1.1.1 for windows 64b with Mingw64
  2. Installed runtime modules of openSSL
    2.1 copied openssl.exe and two dlls (libsll.dll, libcrypto.dll) in a directory (c:\OpenSSL)
    2.2 added to system PATH this directory

in a windows console, openssl command as “openssl version” works…

I’m sorry but I still don’t understand what you’re doing. Did you build your own Sketchfab exporter? We really need more information before we can help…

PS: I moved this post to #development-and-api