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Opinions after animation testing

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here are my first two tests at animation to sketchfab. The first was a quick easy test, the second one I wanted to try something a bit more complicated.

Rob animation test by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Destroyed moon by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Opinions after testing: I wish I could hard set the speed of the animation so when people look at the model like my second one I posted its not spinning to fast. It should really be set at 0.1 when playing it back. I know I could easily fix it and reexport it but with lots of material setup thats just a pain. So hard set animation speeds in settings would be awesome.

Another thing that could be cool is being able to just export animations in and place them to the model but also being able to play multiple animations at once this is how I setup a animation blueprint in Unreal Engine and blend them to control individual animations. This may be to complicated of a feature for sketchfab, I havent heard how serious you guys are about it or if its just extra fluff for single animation tracks. Allowing people to take my first model and switch between animations could be cool he has over 20. On the second model blending animations would be cool because then I could spin different rock clusters at different speeds. I know its still beta, but just my two cents. I will say the 3d max to sketchfab was seemless after I figured out the edit mesh trick and the double export trick cause I love to use helpers as bones:)


My Opinion is that Animation on sketchfab is GReat, and its got me asking what do I need Youtube for? (except for audio)

Sketchfabs viewer is actually higher quality than HD or You tube this is because it is uncompressed.

Once you load anything into youtube the picture quality degrades due to compression.

And many times all youtube does is take a MP4 and RE compresses again, resulting in less than desirable content.

What I would like to see implemented is a simple bones previewer for FBX or BVH.

And also a collab feature which allows people to mix their content amongst others senes.

Thanks and Cheers, Sketchfab has truly changed my life, no pun intended