Optimal environment for 3D scanning small objects with LED lights

(3dtester1) #1

Hi, i’m relatively new to 3D scanning.
I used to work with Blender and DAZ lately.

Now i want to scan small objects for using in 3D programs.

I have some scanning equipment:

  • Razer Stargazer (Intel RealSense compatible depth cam)
  • Notebook with enough power to process realtime scans
  • A small turntable for 1/6 scale figures, motor controlled
  • Software that is able to do complete turn-around scans
  • 2 LED lights with enough Lumen

I have some problems to get the accurate lighting onto the model evenly while it turns around.
Maybe i need some kind of box where i place the turntable in.

Want to know if some of you guys here have experiences to do something like that and can give me a clue what the best setup would be.

Thanks in advance,

(3dtester1) #2

Okay, i read through the forum and got an idea now.
I’m going to try an LCD panel as a back light.
Will post if i have success…