Optimize for Mobile warning

(Simonbrown) #1

I'm working with a client who will want to view some of my underwater work on an iPad.

Using the Sketchfab App the model is found and then tapped to view. The first thing displayed is a message:

Large scene
The scene is not optimised for mobile and might not work...

So I have done a few tests:
Created a very low resolution model with a mesh of no more than 250,000 faces.
Removed the texture from the model.
Turned off lighting.
Plain background.
Environment off.

And yet the warning dialog about the scene being large still appears...

Can anyone make any suggestions as to what I have missed or overlooked?


The warning for large scenes on mobile is perhaps a bit too strict. I believe it's displayed for anything over 100k faces. We should probably be more robust in this warning as there are many variables that will affect performance (See https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/201766675-Viewer-Performance ), cc @paul_sketch

250k faces with a texture should perform fine on an iPad. Have you tried ignoring the warning and viewing the model?

(Simonbrown) #3

Everything performs pretty much as expected, but the warning makes the client think there is something wrong or more can be done.

It sounds like there isn't, unless I drop the face count <100k.

Many thanks for the reply, its good to know I hadn't missed anything.


Ok thanks. Maybe we could increase the limit and/or make the warning a bit less scary.

(Simonbrown) #5

I think it does need softening...but its also highly subjective, depending on the device in use.