Optimized for VR?

(Lpdenmark) #1

When I try to view one of my models in VR, I get the message that the model is not optimized for VR.
I get the point that VR is heavyer to process for a mobile device.

Are there any recommended size for textures and recommended numbers of textures or other
nice to know things for optimizing?

Hope someone more skilled in VR can give mee some hints.

Thanks in advance for any hints :slight_smile:

(Arthur Jamain) #3

Hey there !

Our detection is pretty basic for now, we plan to improve it later down the line. The current rule is : polycount >= 50000 and it's the only thing we look at. We do realize that there are more accurate ways to detect this situation, but for technical reasons we could not implement those just yet.

Hope this helps !


You can find more general performance tips here:

And we're working on a more explicit formula, but it's not an exact science as it depends on many different factors.

(Lpdenmark) #5

Thanks :slight_smile:
I will se whats working, I know it´s not possible to set excact values
for polygons and materials, as it also depends a lot which device
you use for viewing VR.
I was just curious if the measures that trigger the Sketchfab
viewer to show a message that a scene is not optimized for
VR have som guides about material count/size and geometri.

I think its trial and error ( or low performance) to see which
scenes displays okay in VR.

Thanks again